Demre, Myra and Kekova Culture Trip

Have you ever seen a sunken city before? If your answer is no, I would like to tell you about this experience. When we say Antalya, we think of sea, sand and sun, right? Well, have you heard about the culture-smelling sides of it before? Kekova Sunken City, one of our 5 sunken cities, is a small, rocky island off the coast of Kaleköy and Üçağız, near the Demre district of Antalya. You can reach the sunken city of Kekova via Dalaman or Antalya airport in a short time, if you are going with your personal car, of course, things will change. Yes, you can reach the Kekova Sunken City by boat when you enter Kaş. Additionally, Çayağzı and Üçağız are regions where you can reach by boats.

Located just across Kaleköy and just ahead of Üçağız Village, which is a quiet bay, Kekova island is a region where history, nature and today’s life are intertwined.

Kekova, known as the sunken city of the Lycians, has a name that has been shaped according to different mouth shapes over the years. This city, with a surface area of ​​4.5 km2, was named the Lycian Sunken City, which was flooded as a result of strong earthquakes in the west of the Mediterranean in the 2nd century. For this reason, it is inevitable to come across sarcophagi in the sea in the region. You can visit this area, where swimming and diving are prohibited, through tours.

s in every coastal city in the region, you can find homemade ice cream shops that will cool you down in the summer. There are cafes and restaurants where you can find many food and drinks in Kekova and its surrounding areas, but if you want to have fun at night, it cannot be said that this is a very suitable place. If the holiday you want is a quieter one, you are right in the area you want.

While you are all the way to Kekova, you can turn your direction to Demre as the next stop. Demre, a city in the west of Antalya, is adjacent to Finike, Kaş, Myra and Kekova.

Myra Ancient City, located in the center of Demre and its surroundings, is an ancient city that has preserved its beauty since the 5th century BC. This city is also known as the place where Kybele, which means “the place of the Great Mother Goddess”, is Artemis.

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