Natural Beauties Hidden Under Alanya Castle

Alanya has natural beauties that do not stop being explored with the azure waters of the Mediterranean, golden sands and smiling sun in every season. With its difficult access and geographical beauties for centuries, Alanya has attracted the attention of many civilizations and hosted these civilizations.

The Castle, which is one of the most interesting places in Alanya was built by Alaaddin Keykubat by adding it to the Hellenistic ruins, is located on a rocky peninsula. In the lower part of this historical peninsula, there are magnificent caves that can only be reached by sea.

Lovers' Cave

This cave, which has 2 entrances with a length of 75 meters, has a low ceiling. After the boats dock to the shore, the rocks can be climbed out. When you enter the cave with a low ceiling and narrow structure; The entrance of the cave on the Damlataş side is reached. You can enjoy the cool waters by jumping into the ice-cold water from the exit at a height of 15 meters. In addition, according to the discourses from ancient times, pirates used this cave to hide their booty.

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Pirates Cave (Kızlaryarığı)

This Cave, which has a height of 78 meters; It is known that it was used as a booty warehouse by pirates in ancient times, and they hid the girls they kidnapped here. According to some rumors, it is said that this cave has a connection with the Castle, that the abducted girls and the booty were delivered to the castle in this way, but after hundreds and thousands of years, this road collapsed and closed. You can directly enter the cave with boats. The rocks at the bottom of the cave add a mysterious atmosphere to the environment.


Phosphorous Cave

Phosphorus Cave is the 3rd cave found on the way from Alanya Pier to Damlataş direction by sea. At first glance, the cave, which suggests that you can enter with ships, can actually be entered with small boats. You can observe the turquoise color and unique glows of the cave with a discovery that you can make by a small boat or by swimming. We recommend that you do not leave Alanya without taking a small tour in the Phosphorus Cave, which is filled with curiosity, excitement and all its beauties. It is possible to observe the glows of this cave, which is bright and bright especially at night, during the daytime. Swimming breaks are given here on boat tours departing from Alanya Pier. The local people see the Phosphorus cave as a wishing cave, and they believe that their wishes will come true by throwing a coin into the cave after making their wishes.

So How Did These Caves Form?

Of course, it was formed by the famous waves of the Alanya sea! Caves are formed as a result of the rough sea water hitting the rocks and the melting of the minerals in the rocks. These 3 unique caves at the bottom of Alanya Castle were formed as a result of a process that took years with the effect of severe water.

Especially the hard surfaces found in the rocks in Phosphorus Cave; It creates a smooth surface like marble with the effect of water and grains such as pebbles and sand in the water and provides the reflection of the water. Thus, a suitable environment is created for different sea creatures to live and various sea creatures can be observed.

How can I get access to these caves?

1) By joining the full-day Boat Tours departing from Alanya Pier,
2)By renting a Private Boat/Yacht,

What Extra Things Will I See or Participate in When I Take a Boat Tour from this region?

We mentioned that Alanya Castle is a historical peninsula. Boats departing from the pier first take a swimming break in front of Kızılkulve and Historical Shipyard. Afterwards, the caves we mentioned above are visited and swimming breaks are given here and various animations are made on the boats.


One of these activities is the famous foam parties, and these foam parties attract the most attention of the tourists who come to visit.

In addition to cave visits and animation shows, there are 2 coves.

Cleopatra Beach and Ulaş Beach.


Cleopatra Beach, located in the Damlataş region of Alanya, is a world-famous beach with its unique sand droplets. Cleopatra beach takes its name from the last Hellenistic queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, who lived between 69 BC and 30 BC. Legend has it that when the Roman general Antony gifted Alanya and its surroundings to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, Cleopatra would go down to Cleopatra beach every day to take a bath on the castle slope. In fact, Cleopatra had a tunnel that led directly from the castle to the beach, which she used when she wanted to swim. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, stopped by Alanya every time she went out in the Mediterranean and went to the sea on this beach.


Ulaş, a small cove with its Blue Flag Waters, is a wonderful spot where green and blue intertwine. This cove, with various flowers, trees and cliffs, has a more wavy sea than other beaches. Usually the Boats take a lunch break here. Then free time for swimming. When you come to Alanya, this is another haunt that we recommend you not to go without seeing!

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