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Today, we turn our route to Kemer, which is on the west coast of Antalya. Kemer is an important trade center as well as being one of the important ports of Turkey. There are 10 beautiful bays in Kemer. These can be listed as Phaselis, Ayrışığı, Maden (Atbükü), Adrasan, Alacasu, Tekirova, Çıralı, Olympos, Boncuk and Göynük bays.
You can reach the region from many parts of Antalya. If you want to stay in the region, there are accommodation centers suitable for every family economy to accompany you. Kemer will be a good choice for you to experience the unique dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, which is famous for its greenery.
Located just 17 km west of Kemer, the Ancient City of Phaselis is an ancient Greek and Roman city in Lycia. It is known that the city was ruled by Persia, the Satrap of Kayra Mausolos, and finally the King of the neighboring city of Lmyra, Pericles. Although its most colorful times were passed by welcoming Alexander the Great with a golden crown in 333 BC, it continued to change hands many times after Alexander. After being plundered many times by pirates in its neighboring city, Olympos, it came under the rule of Rome in 43 BC. Phaselis, whose history we have briefly summarized, is famous for its beaches as well as the ancient city.

If we talk briefly about the Ancient city of Olympos and its beauties; We can start with rock climbing, which will be enjoyed by action lovers. The Ancient City of Olympos was expelled from the Hellenistic Period in 300 BC. It is known that most of the tombs in the region belong to pirate captains, since Olympos was the City of Pirates of the period. There is a temple building belonging to the Roman Imperial Period in the north of the city, and there is a statue of Marcus Aurelius in front of the temple door. In the middle of the ruins is the Agora, one of the most important ruins of the Roman Empire. Medieval ruins are found on the rocks. Before going to the Ancient City of Olympos, a suggestion would be to read the city legends of Olympos.

Of course, it is impossible not to come to Kemer and stop by Göynük Canyon, which has the longest and cleanest waterfall in the world. With the fish houses in the region, you can experience different tastes accompanied by Mediterranean greenery.

If we talk about other popular aspects of Kemer besides the bays;

  • Likya way

The Lycian Way, which starts from Fethiye and continues until Antalya, is a route where you can witness the many beauties of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas along the way. It is possible to see many of the places to visit in Kemer on the Lycian Way. This road is a walking route that started to work in 1992 after some of the paths on the Teke peninsula were marked and mapped. It was opened in 1999 by Kate Clow. Along the way, there are recreational facilities, bicycle tracks and many accommodation points where you can camp.

  • Burning stone, the unquenchable fire of Olympos

Yanar stone, located near the village of Çıralı, is known as a natural gas source. Burning Stone, which has been burning for 2500 years, has also been the subject of Greek Mythology. This place, which is 180 meters above the coast, is a touristic area of ​​Kemer.

  • Paris II Wreck

Located at a depth of 33 meters off the Kemer marina, the Paris II Wreck is shown as one of the world’s top 100 diving sites. This region, which is very popular from a touristic point of view, is known as the Paris II Shipwreck because it hosts the Paris II Warship, which was sunk by the Artillery Battery under the command of Artillery Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul. It is possible to witness many different fish species in this region, which is symbolized for Kemer.

If you would like to experience this unique experience with us and discover the most beautiful bays of Kemer, click here to get detailed information and to make a reservation.

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