Manavgat Köprülü Canyon Adventure

Köprülü Canyon is the valley where Köprüçay flows from Isparta and empties into the sea from Antalya. There are two bridges in the canyon, where rafting is popular. Of these two historical bridges, the smaller one is the work of the master’s apprentice, while the larger and arched one is the work of the master’s apprentice. These bridges, located at the beginning of the rafting area, gave the canyon its name.



History of Manavgat Köprülü Canyon


Köprülü Canyon was declared a National Park in 1973. Köprülü Canyon National Park, which has an area of 35,719 hectares, is the longest canyon in Turkey with its 14 km long canyon and a wall height exceeding 100 meters.

In the National Park, there are cedar forests, red pine and scrub areas, as well as stone formations similar to Fairy chimneys in Cappadocia.

The theater, Agora, Artemis and Zeus temples, cisterns and aqueducts from the ancient city of Selde can be seen in the region.


What Can You Eat in Köprülü Canyon?


  • Pancake
  • Grilled Trout
  • Trout among the leaf wraps

These are the dishes that I think fish lovers will love. Of course, meat and vegetable dishes are also very tasty. There are also picnic areas where you can go and have a picnic with your family.


Activities to Do in Köprülü Canyon National Park


Rafting is at the top of the activities to be done in Köprülü Canyon. Köprüçay, which allows people of all ages, from children to adults, to do this sport, is one of the rare rivers with this feature. Since the depth of the water flowing in the canyon increases at some points, it becomes difficult to pass through these areas on foot. However, the water level decreases in the summer months. The variable structure of the river provides ideal conditions for rafting. The rafting adventure on the 14 km long track takes approximately 2.5 hours. The peak periods for rafting are June, July, August and September. Other activities that can be done in Köprülü Canyon include Canyoning, River yoga, bicycle tour and mountain biking, rafting, climbing, jeep safari, paintball and trekking. In addition, Manavgat Waterfall and Selde Ancient City, which are close to the canyon, are also places to visit.


Accommodation in Köprülü Canyon

If you go to Köprülü canyon, there are different hostel options for a holiday intertwined with nature. You can evaluate it according to your budget.


Camping in Köprülü Canyon

If you want to enjoy Köprülü Canyon by camping, camping and caravan areas are also located around the canyon. Since there are no luxury hotels close to the canyon, accommodation options can be in the form of bungalows, pensions and camping. If you do not have equipment, you can rent tents and overalls on a daily basis at the campsites.


How to go to Köprülü Canyon?

BUS: Those who will go from Antalya direction, buses going to Manavgat or Alanya can be preferred.

Before coming to the Manavgat turn, you can reach Köprülü Canyon by transferring to the minibuses going to Başkonak village after getting off at the Köprülü Canyon and Beşkonak junction.

Bus ticket prices vary between 25-35 TL between Alanya and Manavgat.

It covers the same fare between Antalya and Manavgat.

CAR: Those who want to go with their personal vehicles come from Antalya direction, and after passing the Serik district for approximately 5 km, they reach Köprülü Canyon when they go 40 km from the Köprülü Canyon, Beşkonak junction to the north.

Those who will go from Alanya – Manavgat direction can reach the canyon after 30 km from Manavgat, when they move towards the north from the Köprülü Canyon, Beşkonak turn.




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