Pamukkale Travertine Travel Guide


Pamukkale Travertines is a visual feast created by thermal waters in the Büyük Menderes Basin after a series of earthquakes 400,000 years ago. The terraces of this masterpiece of nature, which has been providing spa service in Pamukkale for 1000 years, consist of carbonate and minerals precipitated from the hot spring water. What gives color to Pamukkale Travertines , the white paradise that everyone admires , is actually the thermal waters and the minerals in these waters . These thermal waters come to the surface and come into contact with oxygen so that some minerals in the water fly away and only calcium carbonate remains. This substance collapses and hardens over time and thus travertines are formed. The water temperatures in the region where the travertines are located vary between 33 and 100 degrees and there are 17 hot water springs here. The turquoise colored mineral waters in Pamukkale turn white everywhere. paints the white paradise of our country. It is not a coincidence that Pamukkale is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Denizli, and that the world-famous Pamukkale Travertines are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.


Pamukkale Travertines, which are as white as cotton and cure many diseases with its healing waters, are one of the most curious and tourist-influenced places in our country.


Especially at sunset , the magnificent view created by the meeting of the color of white with orange is among the unforgettable memories of those who visit Pamukkale .

Hierapolis Antique City and Antique Pool


Hierapolis Antique City and Antique Pool are located in the ruins where Pamukkale Travertines are located.
History of the ancient city dates back to the Roman Period and has been known as a healing water center ever since.

It consists of many parts such as the Ancient City Theatre, the large bath complex and the Cathedral. There is also an archaeological museum here .
There is also the Antique Pool, also known as the Cleopatra Pool, within the Pamukkale Travertines and the Ancient City of Hierapolis. Centuries ago, earthquakes occurred in the region where this pool is located, and a pit was opened, and over time, healing waters were filled into this pit and the Cleopatra pool managed to survive until today. The reason why the pool is called Cleopatra is because, according to the rumor, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra came here and entered the pool.




What Diseases Are The Healing Waters Of Pamukkale Good For?

Pamukkale Travertines stand out not only with their fascinating appearance but also with their healing waters. Especially the thermal waters here, it is known to be good for cardiovascular disease. Further more , these waters are said to be good for rheumatism and skin diseases , eye diseases , nerve and vascular diseases .

Is It Free To Swim Anywhere In Pamukkale Travertines?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. It is not possible to swim in every thermal pool here, as it is both very sensitive and included in the protection list. There are certain pools that visitors can enter, and visitors are not accepted to places other than these pools.

When to go here?

You can go to Pamukkale Travertines in any season. Even though the weather is cold in winter, the water of the Antique Pool is always around 36 degrees, so you can swim here to the fullest in the winter season.

Well, what to eat in Denizli?

  • Keshk
  • Caput Aşçı Rice type dish
  • Pepper Tatari
  • Zafer Gazozu
  • Lamb Kebab Corn Burrito
  • Yen Pastry

What should we take with us when we go to Pamukkale Travertines?

Since it is forbidden to enter the travertines with shoes, you need to buy a bag where you can put your shoes. Apart from that , don’t forget swimsuits , towels , hats and sunscreen . We also recommend that you take your museum card with you when you come here.

Entrance Fee / Museum Card

Pamukkale Tavertens have an entrance fee, but if you have a museum card, you can enter for free. But I don’t have a museum card, do I have to pay a fee to enter? Don’t think so. It is now very easy to have a museum card. You can get a museum card right away by entering the required information on Then enjoy a nice trip with your museum card at a more affordable price.



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