Side Ancient City and Aspendos Theater

Side History

Located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, Side is approximately 75 kilometers from the city center. It is known that the first settlements in the region date back to the Hittites period. However, BC. Dating back to the 7th century, the region has hosted many civilizations throughout history. B.C. Side, which came under the rule of the Greeks in the 7th century, was also dominated by Lydia and Persians for a long time in the following process. Therefore, Side is a very rich region in terms of historical buildings.
Side Ancient City, located within the borders of Side peninsula, is very close to the town center. Transportation to the ancient city can be easily achieved on foot.
The ancient city, which is among the historical places to visit in Side, was built on the peninsula, which is one of the important points of the Pamphylia region. B.C. There are many historical buildings that can be visited in the city, which was built in the 8th century. Among the structures that can be seen around the ancient city, there are important works such as the city walls, city gate, agora, ancient theater, bath, houses, temples, basilica, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena. The ancient theater in the ancient city, which is an ideal spot for those who want to examine the history of Side closely, is one of the most visited structures in the region.
Admission to Side Antique City is free.

Side Museum

Side Museum, where many artifacts related to Side’s history are exhibited, is located close to the district center, within the borders of the peninsula. Transportation to the museum can be easily achieved on foot. Side Museum, which was opened to visitors after the restoration work of the Ancient Agora Bath, built by the Romans in the region, was converted into a museum, contains artifacts and structures belonging to many civilizations that dominated the region. In the museum, which started to accept visitors in 1960, reliefs, inscriptions, sarcophagi, column capitals and altars from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods can be seen. A large part of the finds unearthed as a result of extensive archaeological studies carried out in the region in 1947 and 1967 are exhibited in this museum.

The Museum Card is valid

Apollon Temple

Located on the promontory of the Side peninsula, the Temple of Apollo is approximately 2 kilometers from the town centre. Access to the temple can be done by city minibuses or on foot. M.S. The building, which was built in 150 years, underwent a small restoration in 1990 and took its present form.
Entrance to the Temple of Apollo is free

Aspendos Theatre

The most important structure of Aspendos is the theatre. Aspendos is famous for having the best preserved Roman theater not only in Anatolia but also in the entire Mediterranean world. The city was established on a hill plain near one of the largest rivers of the region, Köpruçay (Ancient Eurymedon). Today, theaters and waterways are mostly visited in Aspendos, which owes its transportation and development to the Mediterranean Sea to the nearby river and therefore to the fertile lands around it. The remains of other buildings belonging to the city are located on the plain of the hill on which the theater leans. This theater is the oldest and most solid example of Roman theaters in Anatolia that can reach today with its stage. Its architect is Zenon, son of Theodorus of Aspendos. Its construction was started in the time of Antonius Pius and completed in the time of Marcus Aurelius (138-164). The theater was presented to the local gods of the city and the emperor family.

The Ancient Theater has a small story. The king of Aspendos once had a very beautiful daughter whom everyone wanted to marry. As the king did not know to whom to give his daughter, he announced to the people, “I will give my daughter to him who does the most beneficial thing for our people, our city.” Thereupon, the two twin brothers build two large structures. Aqueducts, one of which is far from the city, bringing water through its complex roads, passing many difficulties; It is the best acoustic theater in the world, where your voice can be heard even from the top rows when a coin is thrown on the ground in the middle of it. After seeing the aqueducts, the king wants to give his daughter to the builder of the aqueducts. Then Zenon, the architect of the theatre, plays a game for the king. As the king walks through the upper row of the theatre, he hears a whisper: “The king must give his daughter to me.” Admiring the acoustics, the king cut his daughter in half with a great sword and gave it to the brothers.

                                              How to get there:  You can reach Aspendos by minibus from Serik.
There are so many things to see in Side! If you are nearby, don’t miss this trip because you will never regret it, how did I not come here before? You will say.
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